We are an online studio for mixing and mastering.

We collaborate with artists and producers of all genres all over the world. We are here to serve great sound. Your sound specialist is Tobias Doering, Audio Engineer M.A.

There are no limits to the music we edit. We are excited about each new project. We love the vast variety of music human creativity produces. 

We created a comfortable process to collaborate with our clients via the Internet. All you need is an Internet access yourself to get in touch with us. We work quite close and personal with you no matter where you are.


Bring your music to life with a professional mixing.


Get your sound an appropriate finish before it gets out in the world.

Audio Consulting


Your Sound Specialist

anything about room acoustics, studio setup and equipment, DAW-use, mixing ...

Core Features

Whatever style of music you create, we will bring it to life with professional mixing and mastering.

Live Listening

Listen in from the comfort of your own space, experience immediate transformation of your sound and give feedback directly. 

Fast Results

With 25+ years of experience we know intuitively what suits your sound. You will get your results fast. 


Tobias trained and graduated with the SAE Institute as Master of Arts in Audio Engineering, worked in several studios and projects all over the world...more


We are no machine and value personal communication. We exchange feedback by chat, messenger or phone. 

With Love

We simply love what we do and are passionate about good sound.

Hybrid Mastering

Digital or analog? We work i.a. with Pro Tools HD, the complete UAD library and have some nice analogue equipment. We choose, what fits your sound best.


You like to mix your sound yourself? We support you with knowledge, practical advice and mentoring.


Wherever you are, you just need a stable Internet access to get in touch with us. We work with artists all over the world. It is really easy to connect, collaborate and exchange online. 


Sometimes our customers say, we do magic with their sound. Test our service and make up your own mind.

Shine with your music

Great sound is our passion

But don't take our word for it.
Get your free test mix or test master and convince yourself.

Tobias Doering

The engineer behind

Your Sound Specialist

- Chief Audio Engineer

Tobias grew up in a creative environment with both his parents working at the theater in Meiningen, Germany. He soon found out his passion for music, sound, computer and electrotechnology. At the age of 12 he stepped into a recording and mixing studio to get his own sound mixed there. He ended up mixing the first time and discovered his natural talent for it. So he stayed and learned from scratch the studio work with analog consoles and equipment during his teens. Later he studied recording, mixing and mastering at the SAE Institute in Los Angeles and Frankfurt a. M. and graduated as Audio Engineer M.A. in 2004. Ever since he can think he has worked freelance in the music industry. 

Tobias has a broad experience in recording, mixing, mastering, life mixing, production work, studio building, acoustics and electronics. He worked with Virgin Records in Los Angeles, Abbey Road Studios in London and as FOH-mixer at concert productions with artists as Pink, Riverdance, Nightwish or Depeche Mode.

Today he spends his time helping others with his experience. Besides mixing and mastering services you can get great advice from him. Whether it is helping you with mixing strategies, working on acoustic problems or training future mixing engineers. You can be sure that Tobias has the experience for any mixing, mastering or acoustic issue. 

When Tobias is not in the studio, he saves the lifes of humans, electronic devices and american cars (his other great passion). He works as a voluntary paramedic. And he is able to repair nearly everything (at least it seems so). 

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